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Total Niche Clarity Virtual Training with Mark & Shannon:

‘Complete System’ To Land On Your Niche & Get Crystal Clear About Your Tribe

  • Step Into Your Genius Zone & Get Paid Doing What You Love
  • Stop Spinning Your Wheels, End The Frustration With Finding Your Peeps
  • (2) Total Niche Clarity Recorded Trainings
  • Mark & Shannon personally approve your Ideal Client & Niche

Please complete the Total Niche Clarity Course (submit online homework 1, 2 and 3) by executing the lessons to the left. Listen to the recordings, complete the quiz and homework #1, #2 and #3. Once you’ve submitted your homework (all three submitted), we will let you know if you PASSED and what your Niche is (yay!), or if need to join a Total Niche Clarity Hot Seat Call. We do not review anything until all 3 entries are submitted online.

If you need a HOT SEAT CALL, we will give you day/ time options to choose from. When you receive a “PASS” confirmation via email, you can move on to the Mining For Gold module and start your Mining For Gold Interviews.