Welcome To The Strategy Session Challenge

The world is YOUR Oyster.  You can travel ANYWHERE… ANY time.  You’re serving people and changing lives.  You’re living on purpose and fulfilling your calling (and you can buy as many hot shoes as you want 😉

Once you MASTER the enrollment conversation, you’ll be able to call your own shots and live the life you dream of.  You’ll have more confidence and a deep level of fulfillment… knowing you’re reaching your potential.

Congrats on saying “YES” to yourself and the Strategy Session Challenge!   We acknowledge you for your commitment for wanting to reach more people and make a bigger difference.

This training is gonna be HOTTTT!!

What you learn in this training will help you sell your hot, juicy program like hotcakes to your ideal clients, yay!

You’ll have a chance to role play and learn how to flirt with objections like “I can’t afford it” and “I need to think about it.”

And of course, we have some extra special surprises up our sleeves 😉

Here’s all the details…

You’ll also be provided a recording of the training so you can review it over and over again.  We HIGHLY recommend you be there LIVE so you benefit from the role plays and “on the court” coaching.

IMPORTANT: You must submit 10 Strategy Session appointments by Friday August 17th at 12 noon CDT by completing the Strategy Sessions Appointment lesson HERE.

These need to be REAL Strategy Sessions with potential clients…no role plays.

Tribe Members can ONLY count towards the Challenge as long as they’re REAL potential clients and the session was booked on or after the day we rolled out the Challenge. Current sessions already in your calendar BEFORE the Challenge do not count.

All 10 Strategy Sessions M-U-S-T be scheduled by August 17 at 12 noon CDT, or your credit card will be charged $1995.  ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS! Important Note: Enter all 10 Strategy Session interviews at ONCE before the deadline. The system will not save partial entries.

This is a training like no other. You will learn how to stand in your power and sell your high end programs from a space of integrity and authenticity.


What to Prepare:
1. Prepare and print “Strategy Session Script” before the training (if you haven’t already, customize it with YOUR program information ie your program name, pricing, benefits etc).

2. Print the “Flirting With Objections” document, as well.

3. Choose a Role Play Buddy & decide where you’re going to meet (in person or virtually). Have their phone number handy or coordinate your own zoom to connect during partnering time. Contact support or post on FB if you still need a buddy.

All documents can be found in the Strategy Session System BONUS folder in the Presence & Profitability and the Strategy Session Challenge module on BigImpactUniversity.com.

If you join the call late and no one is on the line, we’re in another part of the outline or on lunch or break.

IMPORTANT: You absolutely need a role play buddy.  This will be a virtual training with recordings to listen to, you’ll pause the recording at times to practice role playing with your buddy. You can be virtual on your own Zoom account or phone line but need to be in sync.