Welcome To Skill Drills Gone Wild

You. On stage. Today. Holding the crowd spellbound…. seeing your own movement manifest before your eyes. It’s the very dynamic that’s changing the world… and now is YOUR time to make a BIG Impact.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • Influence, Speaking & Sales Mastery

  • Enrollment Role Plays to Creatively “Flirt With Objections”

  • Experiential Skill Drills That Sky Rocket Your Stage Presence and Confidence On Stage

  • Plus… Games, Rehearsal & Real Time Feedback to Persuasively Rock Your Talk


  • RSVP to “Skill Drills Gone Wild” 3 Day Training (all logistics, link to hotel special rate, location & times of event can be found on the Big Impact University Calendar)

  • Download the Rock Star Speaker handbook

  • Watch PREP videos and fill in your Rock Star Speaker Handbook to create a “rough draft” of your talk (if you are in “Rock Star Speaker” you probably have this step done already)

  • Watch the Strategy Session Live Demo Video & complete your Strategy Session Script- add credibility, program promise, benefits, pricing, dates, etc

  • What to bring to “Skill Drills Gone Wild” 3 Day Training:

    • “Mining for Gold” Summary Sheet (HARD COPY)
    • “Rock Star Speaker” Handbook with your Signature Talk
    • Strategy Session Script- completed & customized with your program details, pricing, etc

Let’s get started!