Welcome To Rock Your Enrollment


The world is YOUR Oyster. You can travel ANYWHERE… ANY time. You’re serving people and changing lives. You’re living on purpose and fulfilling your calling (and you can buy as many hot shoes as you want

Once you MASTER the enrollment conversation, you’ll be able to call your own shots and live the life you dream of. You’ll have more confidence and a deep level of fulfillment… knowing you’re reaching your potential.

We acknowledge you for your commitment for wanting to reach more people and make a bigger difference. What you learn in this training will help you sell your programs and packages like hotcakes to your ideal clients.. and help you get paid what you’re worth, yayy!

We recommend you time block a “Rock Your Enrollment” day on your calendar and do the training all in 1 day. You can also break it up into 2 days if that’s better for your schedule… either way, reserve the time on your calendar now.. as they say “what gets scheduled, actually GETS DONE!”

Dive into the Welcome Video ABOVE for how to get the most out of this course and set yourself up for success.

1) Prepare and print “Strategy Session Script” before the training (found under “Bonuses”).

2) If you haven’t already, customize the Strategy Session Script with YOUR program information, program name, pricing, benefits etc… watch the video “How to Customize your SS Script”

3) Print the “Flirting With Objections” document (found under “Bonuses”) so you can follow along throughout the training.

Let’s do this!!