Welcome To 1:1 VIP Mentorship

Congratulations on saying YES to getting 1:1 Support from Mark & Shannon!

This was a very smart decision, way to GO PRO and get the personalized attention you need.

We’re excited to support you in clearing your blocks, getting more speaking gigs and attracting more clients so you can step fully into your next level calling and purpose.

Now is YOUR time to get 1:1 support and customized mentorship and take the Big Impact System to a whole new level, yayy!

Here’s a RECAP of everything you’re gonna get..

  • (1) PRE VIP Day coaching call- 1 hour
  • VIP Day- 6 hours total w/ break for lunch
  • (1) POST VIP Day coaching call- 1 hour

Our Client Care Queen will be reaching out to you shortly to schedule all your calls and VIP Day.

We’re looking forward to really ROCKIN it out for you, let’s do this!!