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We are so excited to offer Experts like you this fantastic Signature Talk program. With the emphasis on your personal story, you’ll be guided to effectively communicate the victories & setbacks that have given you the wisdom to truly help your ideal client improve and transform.

This program will help you position your credibility so your audience instantly sees you as the Bad Ass you are! You’ll also learn how to share your vulnerability, wounds and tragedies in a way that the audience feels your heart and builds rapport, connection, reliability and trust. That’s what we call the “Credibility/ Vulnerability Ratio” and when you get that right, you become a client magnet EVERYWHERE you go!

Whether you’re talking 1:1 with potential clients at a networking event or you’re on stage rockin your talk… this course will help you nail your Personal Story so you become magnetic and potential clients become YES’s and happily refer their friends too!

We are excited for you. Your desire to speak & spread your message is inspiring to us so we’re committed to support you in any way that we can.

Download the “Power of Your Personal Story” Handbook and dive into the video modules.. here’s to YOUR Big Impact and world changing movement!

The Power of Your Personal Story | Handbook

Download the handbook: